Broken pins


-10db and low-cut switches with broken pins: Users tend to use a pen or something of the like to switch the 10db or low-cut switch to the desired setting, and sometimes it's far too difficult to move. This can actually be done without a pen! If you open your U87, that is remove the endcap and slide the tube down, you can access the bottom section of these switches and easily move the swicth into the desired setting.



Polarity switch doesn't move


Rotary polarity switch not moving: The path of the switch is obstruted and so can't move with ease. This can be solved by manipulating the switch. First disassemble the microphone (remove the endcap and slide the tube down). The lower base of the capsule mount (made of plastic) obstructs the rotary polairty switch (metal piece). The polarity switch needs to be straightened out, to the point where it passes the base with ease, but not too much that it now rubs against the tube.



Microphone cuts out when in use


Signal drops: The microphone cutting out whilst in use can typically be resolved with the use of a popshield and/or windshield.



Loose connection


Connector not secure: In order to connect securely you must apply abit more force than you'd imagine. Push the connector up and press down the headgrille.



Endcap wear


Endcap can wear if not mounted correctly. When mounting the microphone in an EA87 shockmount be sure not too tighten it too much, this can leave a line running along the endcap, this is more notable with the U87Ai matte-black microphone.